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Charlie Cardinal was born in a small town of the Canadian border of Up State New York. He learned very early on he was highly sensitive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Being empathic, psychic, and intuitive with a powerful Love and desire to heal the world was not something most would understand including Charlie.


Although he was born with these wonderful Spiritual Gifts, he would not come to understand most of them for many years. Through much of his life he felt like an earth-bound misfit. From the start Charlie held a great love of nature and the heavens. From very early in his life music became the source of expression for his emotions. His family gatherings often involved family and friends making music, singing, playing, and dancing. This created his drive to become a musician.


After a short time of learning to play guitar at the age of 9, he formed a local band in his hometown. Being the only singer was a challenge and at an early age his voice dropped, and his dynamic voice began to develop. His knowledge and love for music grew. Charlie was an unusual child as he held a non-competitive attitude towards sports, which often lead to harassment. He was bashful, gullible, and naive which often caused him issues.


As his education of the world and it many challenges grew, he often was approached by all ages out of the nowhere for Spiritual Guidance. Although he was very young, he knew exactly what to say to help them. He never understood why they came to him or why he knew what he told them. He strengthened his body to fend off the many harassments of others. Early on, Charlie found the radio songs didn’t express what he wanted to hear, which compelled him to start writing his own. For example he wrote “The Son Of Sky “when he was about 15 years old. His world continually was expanding in music and his Spiritual awakening.


Charlie was drafted into the military during the Vietnam Area, which was very difficult and threw many challenges his way. Losing his father at a young age and then experiencing the military brought many challenges for him to overcome.


After leaving the service he began to find again his place in the world. Throughout all those early years music was the one solid force in his life. He always entertained others wherever he went with the intent to ease their fears and pain. Throughout Charlie’s adult life he has written many songs, entertained all around the world and met other in the entertainment industry. His first album was recorded in 1987 and it was going to be his springboard into the professional world but that was not to be his path.


Over time he learned meditation, which awakening more his healing and psychic abilities. He worked several corporate jobs and was highly skilled at electronics, mechanics and understood and taught customer service.  Through the years he had experiences in doing hospice work and trained as a certified nurse assistant. Wherever he went he was always doing healing or Spiritual Counseling. His life’s work has evolved to doing Spiritual work at local Holistic Fairs, creating songs, and entertaining with the combination of his songs and Spiritual message.  


Charlie’s many songs have wonderful messages and are intended to be a guiding voice for those who discover his music.  As he continues his love for our world and all upon it, he creates new songs with the intent of healing, guiding, and awakening in others a better understanding of who we are. Now in the past few years he has connected now with Carolyn and Gerry White. With their musical knowledge and contributions as well arrangements plus the wonderful continual vocal accompaniment of his wife Stevie, his latest songs are now presented accompanied by wonderful videos created by Carolyn White You can view these videos on his website and on many social media. There are many more videos and songs coming please enjoy and share them.


Should you find the interest Charlie also is available for readings, healings and Spiritual guidance. His email is and his phone number is Two Five Three 332-7626

We Thank You All and Our Wish For Joy to In All Your Lives!

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